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Travel Clinic Services

At our Travel Clinic, we prioritise your health for international travel. Benefit from personalised consultations to ensure the right vaccinations for your destinations. As a DOH-licensed Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic, we provide comprehensive vaccine administration, covering routine and travel-specific immunisations. Receive your essential International Certificate of Vaccination/Prophylaxis (yellow card) for worry-free travels.

At our Travel Clinic, you’ll receive specialised guidance on potential health risks linked to travel. Our team provides in-depth advice on preventive measures, health precautions, and destination-specific health considerations. We offer comprehensive travel health education that empowers you with the knowledge needed for a safe journey. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to ensure that your travels are not only enjoyable but also health-conscious.

Our Travel Clinic does thorough health checks to see if you have any problems that might make your trip more difficult. We know that everyone has different health worries and wants. Because of this, we offer personalized health plans that are made to fit your needs. This way, you can start your trip in the best possible health and with peace of mind. Our top concern is your safety and happiness, and we will do everything we can to make your trip excellent.

We provide many different services to make sure that your health is safe while you travel. This includes writing prescriptions for and giving out important trip medicines, with a focus on Malaria Prophylaxis. Our experienced medical professionals give you advice on how to use travel-related medicines correctly and what side effects might happen. This way, you’ll be well-informed and able to take care of your health while you’re away. Your health and safety are the most important things to us, and we’re committed to giving you all the help you need for a healthy, stress-free trip.

After your return from your trip, our Travel Clinic offers full health checks to address any health issues that may have come up. We know how important it is for people to be healthy after a trip, and our focused team makes sure that any problems are found and dealt with properly. We also offer care and advice after your trip that is specifically designed for your needs. Your health and happiness are still our top concern, and we will continue to support and care for you after your journey is over.

In addition to regular care, we offer classes and seminars that teach people about trip health and safety. These classes give you useful information and ideas to help you learn more about health issues to think about when you travel. We also set up interactive meetings where travelers can talk about their personal wants and worries. Your health and safety are the most important things to us, and we’re committed to giving you the knowledge and tools you need for a safe and healthy trip.